Friday, May 26, 2023

The Keyboard Warriors: A Look at the Armchair Critics of Indian Government


India's culture is diverse, and its economy is growing faster. Technology, infrastructure, education, and healthcare have all advanced in India. In 2017, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched 104 satellites in a single operation, making it the fourth country to do it. Our pharmaceutical sector in India is acknowledged around the world for creating low-cost and high-quality medications. During COVID 19  "Vaccine Maitri" campaign, provided BY India to various countries with essential medications, vaccinations, and medical supplies. This demonstrated India's support for global healthcare and improved relations. Whether it's the SCO or the G20 Summit, India is in the lead in every competition. India is such a contrasting and vibrant country with its own set of challenges!  There's no doubt about that there's always a room for improvement, but let's take a moment and appreciate the progress that's already been made by our country and is still ongoing.

A particular type of Indian feels the need to continually criticize the Indian government on social media despite living abroad. They appear incapable of restraining their desire to express their opinions on a variety of subjects, including politics, the economy, and social issues.  It might be challenging to observe from a distance while having no direct influence on the progress of the nation as an NRI.  It's depressing to observe how some individuals choose to trash India and its leadership on social media without actually comprehending the intricate problems at stake. India faces numerous difficulties, but it's equally crucial to highlight the nation's many achievements and advancements.

Let's start by discussing whether this is developing into a trend. That is how it clearly seems. Social media has given everyone a platform to express their opinions, and it’s understandable but some people would want to take benefit of this. You shouldn't necessarily use your voice simply because you can, though. Moreover, if you do decide to lash the Indian government, at least make sure your criticism is helpful rather than just senseless. Why do certain Indians feel the need to criticize the government so much while accomplishing nothing is the question.  There are ways for them to help India grow and flourish rather than just whining and criticizing. Investing in Indian companies, assisting regional causes, or even moving back to India and being involved in politics or humanitarian work are all examples of this.

There is also a feeling of remoteness. Living in a foreign country abroad makes it simple for people to feel cut off from their own country. Social media makes easier for them to stay in touch, but it can also result in a false assessment of what is actually happening. It's simpler to criticize from a distance than it is to actually get engaged and attempt to change things. The problem of identification is the last. Many Indians who reside outside of India take pride in being Indian. However, it can also lead to conflict. They could feel conflicted about their devotion to both their adoptive country and their country of birth. They can demonstrate their Indian identity and continued concern for their nation by criticizing the Indian government.

Eventually it is very important for people to always understand that, they  have a responsibility to maintain and develop their country's reputation. Criticizing the government in the absence of ideas or initiatives to effect change is ineffective and might even have the opposite effect.

What then is the solution? If these Indians are sincerely committed to improving India, they should consider going back and working toward that goal. On the other hand, saying it is easier than doing it. Moving back to India is a big decision, and it's not always possible or viable. There are other ways to participate, though. They can  donate to groups or charities that support their goals, or they could use their skills and talents to help in other ways.

Finally, criticism isn't always negative. It may be a potent tool for transformation. However, it must be useful and based in reality. Criticizing without cause, especially from a distance, is merely noise. These Indians must be prepared to put in the effort if they truly want to change the world.

Voting in elections is a crucial means for Indian citizens to express their democratic rights and effect change. It seems unlikely that criticizing the administration will have any real impact unless action is taken to change the situation. It's crucial to keep in mind that the people elect the government, therefore if we want change, we must cast informed ballots. Criticizing without taking any action is insufficient; in order to create a better future for India, we must collaborate.

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