Saturday, April 13, 2024

32 Years of love & reflection: A journey through generational perspective


As we celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary, I find myself reflecting not only on our own journey but also on the larger narrative of love and relationships in our generation. The question that often occupies my mind is: What will our generation be known for in the decades to come?

Academically, I hold a Ph.D. in music therapy, along with Masters degrees in music (sitar) and Hindi. My passion for music extends beyond academia; I've had the privilege of being a radio artist, both as an Announcer and Drama artist, which allowed me to immerse myself in the world of sound and storytelling. My journey also led me to the role of a lecturer, where I shared my knowledge and insights with eager minds.

Beyond the realms of academia and artistry, I've embraced roles as a community leader, social worker, and counsellor. These experiences have enriched my understanding of human connections and the complexities of navigating life's challenges.

On a more personal note, I met my husband during a university dance performance, and our journey from dance partners to life partners has been filled with its share of hurdles and triumphs. We weathered opposition due to our intercaste marriage, highlighting the importance of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Our marriage has taught us valuable lessons about love, resilience, and the phases of life. The early days were filled with the excitement of courtship, where everything seemed beautiful and full of promise. We dreamed big, and our love felt like it could conquer anything.

However, as the honeymoon phase faded, we entered a new stage where reality set in. Life wasn't always rosy, and we faced our share of challenges and disagreements. It's during these times that many couples struggle and may even consider parting ways.

But for us, we persevered. We embraced the joys and responsibilities of raising a family, entering the phase where our focus shifted to our children's well-being. It was a busy but fulfilling time, and our love grew deeper as we navigated parenthood together.

Now, as our children have grown and started their own journeys, we find ourselves in a new phase—a phase of reflection, spirituality, and deep connection. We've learned to accept each other's flaws, cherish our memories, and prioritize our relationship above all else.

There are so many remarkable aspects of our generation that could leave a positive legacy. However, history has shown that it's often the negatives that tend to endure. My greatest concern is that our generation may be remembered as the one that gave up on love, the generation that forgot how to truly love.

We live in an era where dating has become a norm, but not always for the right reasons. Instant gratification has become a driving force, leading many to seek fleeting connections rather than deep, meaningful relationships. The allure of quick fixes and superficial attractions can overshadow the essence of love, leaving many feeling empty despite the abundance of options.

Moreover, our culture's reliance on drugs, alcohol, and instant pleasures has clouded our understanding of love. These distractions create illusions of intense emotions, masking the true essence of love that transcends mere feelings.

Our generation also tends to prioritize individual desires over collective well-being, often neglecting the compromises and sacrifices essential for nurturing lasting relationships. We are goal-driven, focused on personal growth, but sometimes forget to include our partners in the journey.

The prevalence of fairy-tale ideals and the pursuit of perfection further complicate our perception of love. Unrealistic expectations set us up for disappointment, leading to doubts and confusion about what love truly entails.

Despite these challenges, there's hope. We are the generation that can redefine love, moving away from conventional norms and embracing a more logical and compassionate approach. It's a choice we must make collectively—to understand love's purpose, its boundaries, and its complexities.

On this special anniversary, I invite you to ponder these questions with me. Will we be remembered as the generation that gave up on love, or will we be hailed as the pioneers who rediscovered its true essence? The answer lies in our choices and actions, shaping the narrative of love for generations to come.